Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (I.P.) is any intangible asset that consists of human knowledge or ideas. This includes but is not limited to copyrights, patents, trademarks and software as well as ideas for inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. We are highly trained in prosecuting, litigating and licensing our clients IP rights and protecting their valuable assets.  Our patent attorney, Mr. Yip, is licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  He also has extensive practical and nonlegal experience in the intellectual property arena and will guide you through the prosecution and protection processes.


Patent        Trademarks

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. Each year, about 9.9 million incidents were reported. Every minute, there are about 20 people falling victim of the crime. We can help you prevent from being a victim of identity theft or resolve the issue if you have already become one.

If you let us, we can perform an assessment for you. You will be surprised how much others know about you and how exposed your personal information is!


Technology Licensing

A technology licensing agreement allows and grants the right to use specific Intellectual Property such as patents, software, how-to knowledge and design for a running royalty fee in typical license agreements. This insures a wider range of use to further develop the technology into new products, all the while ensuring proprietary information remains in the control of the owner/creator. Our role is in helping our clients to better understand the benefits of such agreements and to broker such contracts so as to best serve the clients’ needs.


Business Counseling and Litigation

From formation to dissolution, NGUYEN & YIP provides a wide range of counseling and litigation services for businesses and their owners.  Our attorneys will draft or review formation documents and related contracts.  we can also assist businesses in negotiations and litigation of disputes with employees, shareholders, vendors, and competitors.  We believe that our experience in civil litigation gives us a unique and necessary perspective from which to assist our clients in drafting and negotiating legal agreements to reduce their exposure to risks and liability should litigation ensue.


Family Law

From custody disputes to divorce proceedings, we represent our clients in all facets of family law.  Without question, some of the most emotionally-charged issues in all of law fall under the domain of family law.  Are you having legal issues regarding marriage, adoption, divorce, or you are seeking custody of children? We focus much of our practice on family law and are equipped to guide you through the issues and procedures of your particular case.


Immigration - Family Reunification

At Nguyen & Yip, P.C., in addition to our family law practice, family reunification through immigration is also an important aspect of our practice.  Let us navigate the complexity of federal immigration laws and rules of U.S. Immigration and Customs Services (USCIS) to assist you with your immigration goals.  We handle family-based and employment-based visa petitions.  Our attorneys and staff are well-versed in navigating the ever-changing rules in immigration law and will make an average case the strongest one possible when presented to USCIS to maximize acceptance and approval.


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